National Pig Identification and Tracing System

In accordance with legal requirements the Department has developed a National Pig Identification and Tracing System (NPITS), which came into operation in July 2002. In broad terms the system involves the identification of all pigs that are moved off farm by either an ear tag or a slap mark and the identification of breeding stock with an individual number. All pig movements are recorded on a central movement database.

Only persons registered with the Department and issued with valid pig herd numbers are allowed to own or trade in pigs.  This provision applies to anyone who wishes to own pigs, however few.

Persons who wish to be registered to become pig herd owners should download the application form and pig welfare requirements booklet from our main website. Once completed, return the completed application to your local District Veterinary Office. The local District Veterinary Office will then be in contact to arrange an inspection of the premises for suitability.

For any further assistance you require please contact your local District Veterinary Office.
To notify a pig movement contact South Western Services (SWS) on LoCall number 1890 291 000.

Further information, documents and forms can be found on the Department’s main website here.