Sea Fisheries Administration

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The principal functions of the Sea Fisheries Administration Division are in the areas of sea fishing boat licensing and registration, management and development of fishery harbours and coast protection. Specifically, its responsibilities are:

Fishing Boat Licensing

Commercial sea fishing is regulated by the Fisheries Acts, 1959 to 2006. Any boat intended to be used for such fishing requires a licence under Section 4 of the Fisheries (Amendment) Act 2003  (as inserted by section 97 of the Sea-Fisheries and Maritime Jurisdiction Act 2006), and it is an offence to engage in fishing without this authorisation.

Following the enactment of the Fisheries (Amendment) Act 2003, the licensing authority in relation to sea fishing boats is the Registrar General of Fishing Boats.

Under Section 3(2)(b) of the Fisheries (Amendment) Act 2003, the Minister may give policy directions on sea-fishing boat licensing to the Licensing Authority.

Further information, reports and forms are available on our main website here.

Sea Fishing Fleet Register

All fishing boats within the meaning of the Merchant Shipping (Registry, Lettering and Numbering of Fishing Boats) Regulations, 2005 are required to be entered on the Register of Fishing Boats maintained by the Registrar General in accordance with those Regulations. Only fishing boats licensed in accordance with the Fisheries Amendment Act 2003 (as inserted by Section 97 of the Sea-Fisheries Jurisdiction Act 2006) may be entered on the Register.

Guidance notes on sea fishing boat registration may be obtained by contacting the Licensing Authority for Sea Fishing Boats, Clogheen, Clonakilty, Co. Cork. Individual contact details are available on our main website here)

Further information and details on the application procedure are available on our main website here.