Basic Payment Scheme/Greening

Please note: The information provided below is a limited selection of the information available relating to this scheme. You can find more information on this scheme on the main Department website here.

The Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) is being introduced in 2015 as part of the new measures agreed in the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. The Basic Payment Scheme has replaced the Single Payment Scheme (SPS). All entitlements held under SPS expired on the 31 December 2014. A new set of entitlements will be allocated in 2015 to those eligible for an allocation under the BPS. A provisional statement of entitlements has already issued to all entitlement holders.

As direct payments from 2015 may take the form of four distinct schemes, the payment that a farmer receives under the new Direct Payment system is no longer a ‘single payment’ but may be a combination of payment under four separate schemes.

All eligible farmers will receive a payment under the BPS and a Greening Payment while some farmers may also qualify for a further payment under the Young Farmers Scheme or under the Aid for Protein Crops Scheme.

A very significant percentage of the National Ceiling (30%) is allocated to Greening Payments each year and all farmers who participate in the BPS must also implement the Greening provisions. However, over 90% of applicants will automatically qualify for the Greening Payment on the basis of their current farming practices. The remainder will have to undertake specific measures to qualify for the Greening Payment. The applicants affected by these provisions have already been contacted directly to explain what is required.

In practice, for the vast majority of applicants under the BPS, the main payment will amount to 70% of the overall amount payable and the remaining 30% will be the Greening Payment. The Young Farmers Scheme will be used to provide an additional payment to any person who qualifies as a ‘young farmer’. It is available to successful applicants for a maximum period of five years depending on the year of commencement of farming.

Further information on this scheme, eligibility and where to obtain application forms is available on our main website here.